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Which cryptocurrencies to invest in 2018? Analysts give their predictions

Are cryptocurrencies worth to invest in 2018? Our team collected tips from analysts and we give you our predictions for 2018.

Analyst give you predictions for 2018
Analysts give predictions for best cryptos in 2018

Is there still potential?

No doubt. Like there’s potential to lose money. But keep in mind this: bitcoin’s market cap now is $234b, accounting for only 36% of the total value of all cryptocurrencies. Just a year ago bitcoin accounted for 80% of all trading in crypto.

So the answer is this: there are lots of new stars rising and they are not shy. 2018 will be the year for the hunt of alt-coins: the year of the next “bitcoin”.

Institutional investors are joining the party

There are billions flowing to the market and it is believed that institutional investors will follow this year led by Goldman Sachs, which was among one of the first institutions to announce that it is set to launch a cryptocurrency trading desk by mid-2018.

So where do I put my money?

We asked the analyst and the responses are mixed like always but these cryptos stood out: everyone in our list of analysts and senior traders mentioned these cryptos: Litecoin, Monero, Neo, Cardano, Ripple, Iota and Bitcoin Cash. They are in line with the opinion of most analysts. More analysis on these coins – in the future.

Our report to come out soon

Of course, do your homework and study the team and potential behind each cryptocurrency. If you don’t have time – follow us. We’ll publish our quarterly market outlook in January 2018. Subscribe us for more!

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