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Opinion. Why Ethereum can rally in Q1, or In search of the new coin “god”

Why do I think Ethereum can rally in Q1? I genuinely think it’s the masses.

  • General opinion

The general opinion is that Bitcoin is tired of growth and this is the year of the search of new so-called alt-coins. When some investors can are digging through the whitepapers and searching for the new diamonds in the dirt, the masses are going the easy way – which crypto, not mentioning bitcoin, have I also heard of? Ethereum. Did it go up like crazy, like 16x last year? Not sure. Ok, let’s try it then.


Which crypto to buy? Ethereum
Which crypto to buy? Ethereum.
  • Sanity

The fact that bitcoin already went up 16x last year (and every news outlet is not shy to emphasize that) rally the masses to the new alt-coins and the choice is not so wide after all (if you’re not ready to study thousands of crazy coins – from Dogecoins to Superman* coins).

  • Growth space

Bitcoin’s rally also brings the fact that Ethereum might seem underpriced. Especially when some predict it should surpass Bitcoin by market value. I think for, masses at least, that’s good enough**.


You can check what the analysts are saying here.


*I’m sure there are such coins somewhere.

**And we know who drive the prices, right?

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